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Gulpes Health Care Pvt. Ltd. are providing  awesome offer for our wholesalers and retailers. 


We Bring Care to Health

Gulpes Health Care Pvt. Ltd. have medicines available at the best prices. We are your one-stop destination for other healthcare products as well, such as over the counter pharmaceuticals, healthcare. we have it all covered for you. Having delivered over 10 thousand orders in Rajasthan all cities till date, we are on a mission to bring “care” to “health” to give you a flawless healthcare experience. Gulpes  healthcare platform, where you can buy medicines offers with discount


Gulpes Health Care has been providing you with genuine medicines For Business to Business for wholesaler & also reseller Yes, no more stepping out to get your medicines, no more standing in long queues, no more worrying about the genuineness of medicines, no more sweat! Here are more reasons why you should buy your medicines from Gulpes Health Care Pvt. Ltd.


Gulpes Health Care not only provide you with a wide range of medicines listed under various categories, we also offer a wide choice of OTC products including wellness products, vitamins, diet/fitness supplements, herbal products, pain relievers, diabetic care kits, baby/mother care products, beauty care products and surgical supplies. Wholesaler & Retailer together grow our businesses so we are launching so many offers.


Gulpes Health Carecontinues a legacy of 5 years of success in the pharmaceutical industry. We are committed to provide safe, reliable and affordable medicines as well as a customer service philosophy that is worthy of our valued customers’ loyalty.

Lucky Draw Offer

Group A

Group B

Group C

Total CouponValue

Total Gift

Terms And Condition For Coupon:-

  1. It will be mandatory to take A, B, C products of the company.
  2. In group A 33.33% (4000RS.) , In group B 33.33% (4000RS.) & In group c 33.33% (4000RS.) It will be mandatory to taken.
  3. All products are to be taken date from month of 1 to last day 30 and it will be mandatory to pay by Before 30th.
  4. The coupon for which will be paid by the last date of month 30th will be inserted in the scheme.
  5.  This scheme will open on 5th Day of the every month.
  6. Duration of the scheme 1 July 2022 to 31 march 20023, this scheme is for 9 months.
  7. Those who take 12 coupons in 9 months will get a gold coupon specially.
  8. Gold Coupon after  9 months 50 coupons will be opened separately. People whose 50 gold coupons will be opened will be included in the get together party.
  9.  The person who take 30 coupons in 9 months will directly attend the get together party.
  10. The person who take 55 coupons in 9 moths 2 person will directly attend the get together party.
  11. It’s mandatory to follow all the T&C given the scheme.
  12. The wholesaler has to do 585 coupons in 9 months.
  13.  The people on doing 650 coupons  4 person (1+3 people)  will direct invite to get together party
  14. The people on doing 1000 coupons, you will get 2 tickets & tour for Out Of India.


This Scheme has been made for the Motivation and promotion of distributors.

In this schemes , the guarantee of the gifted products will be with the products company

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